Samsonite Spinner - What's so great about it??

Published: 02nd November 2011
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Should you be aiming to stand out from everybody else, and be able to very easily recognize your luggage on the Airport Conveyor Belt, the Samsonite Spinner is definitely the best option. For sale in gorgeous colours of Solar Rose, Galaxy Black and Mars Red these particular travel suitcases stick out just like a sore thumb.

On most suitcases you'll only find 2 x wheels at the bottom of your bag, but the Samsonite Spinner comes with 4 x multi directional wheels at the base of each corner. This allows the bag to spin an entire 360 Degrees in an up-right position which gives a sense of weightlessness with virtually no force on your arm.

This is one of the main reasons why I chose this kind of suitcase, given that the number of times I have almost tipped my older 2 wheeled suitcase in a hurry at the airport is quite frankly ridiculous.

The Samsonite Spinner has a fully featured interior and carries a built-in cushioned tri fold suiter which holds your corporate / evening clothing neat and tidy and away from your other garments, keeping it crease free.

The primary innermost area is spacious and features multiple inner compartments for optimum organization, as well as a clear zipped inside pocket which is able to store pieces of jewelry and other valuable belongings.

Restraining straps are added to keep attire from shifting, and even a surprise compact detachable toiletry kit.

As you know at the air port, when you have to prepare forms and get documentation organized, almost everything seems to be in a hurry. I found the top front zipper pocket very helpful since its like a tiny belt bag which is small enough to secure your Passport, boarding pass, wallet, car keys and pens making them remarkably pain-free to access.

The additional deeper front pocket is quite spacious and can carry a jacket for the cooler weather, or any other items which will have to be accessed promptly.

The Samsonite Spinner undoubtedly can hold an incredible quantity of attire, but there's always room for extra with it's extra expanding packing capabilities.

The Main pulling handle is cushioned and ergonomically designed to provide comfort and ease when ever lifting or pulling the bag. It retracts so that it is never in the way when you are not shifting the bag. The Suitcase also offers carrying handles on top and also the side, in the event you need to lift it whilst going up the steps.

The Samsonite Spinner is supplied in various sizes which includes 21inch Carry On, 26inch, 28inch and 30inch Upright Expandables. It's really one of my top picks, particularly from a females perspective. The colours, functionality, weight and simplicity are just perfect.

Like everything nevertheless, there is always some form of downside, with this particular suitcase, 2 reviewers from 15 have noted that the wheels aren't good due to the fact waste accumulates round the axle, which puts a stop to them from rolling properly. However, the wheels are very easily accessible, and a very quick maintenance clean at the end of each trip would simply fix this problem.

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